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  • Product Field Testing

  • Experienced Consumer Testers

Outdoor Gear Testing by Active Enthusiasts

Field Testing is an integral component in a comprehensive product development plan. Mountain Equipment Research Group provides specialty outdoor gear companies with confidential product testing using active outdoor enthusiasts, in real-life test environments.

Your product will be verified in the field by experienced consumer testers before it goes into production so that you can stand behind your marketing, sales, and the quality and integrity of your products with confidence. We provide gear testing that the product development team can immediately benefit from including concept, performance and durability information generated by the testing process.

Our testers are without brand loyalty, which results in more objective reporting of findings to your development team. From allocating testers to collecting feedback, we manage product field testing from start to finish.

Mountain Equipment Research Group gives you both qualitative and quantitative information about your product. This information is captured via our work in focused performance testing. We also provide product development services related to concept validation, prototype verification, pre-product release evaluation, and market research.